ChDZK Soldier standing gaurd

Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Edit

Although the communist insurgency has its roots as an underground movement, it is now a conventional force with military structure and weapon platforms captured from the Chernarussian government or provided by international arms dealers. This has given ChDKZ enough power to start a coup against the government. Edit


Important Facts Edit

  • Insurgents wear various old fatigues of Russian origin, common
  • ark) - ' ly in an urban color scheme. They are armed with a variety of personal weapons, ranging from old AKMs to captured AK-74s. Anti-tank and anti-armor launchers of various types are commonly used as the ChDKZ purchases them from arms dealers in great numbers.
  • Insurgents lack the logistic infrastructure of a modern army, therefore the vehicles they use don't appear in great numbers and troops have only limited support, artillery is rather rare.
  • Insurgents use mostly older Eastern combat vehicles captured from government forces. Hand-made camouflage spray-paint is often used on their vehicles.
  • ChDKZ also uses various captured aircraft, but its deployment is limited to a small part of Chernarus, far from government air bases.
  • Insurgents are organized into regional task forces, which are lead by and named after field warlords who are direct subordinates of „Akula" (Shark), supreme leader of ChDKZ.

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